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Immersive Experiences in Mindfulness and Movement



Immersive Visioning Experience Session

Guided Imagery Sessions for stress reduction, focus, relaxation and awareness.

Explore different scenarios on imagery, concentration, awareness and self compassion , kindness and empathy  exploratory experiences.

Resource information, Children's Contemporary Literature  and Mindful Reading, and  Poetry will be incorporated.

Creative Somatic Mindful Movement Experience Session

Mindful sessions, experiences focus on attention to somatic awareness, physical senses, and movements and  present moment awareness.

These are differentiated body type scans to provide awareness to sensory experiences inside and outside of the body. 

University websites will be referenced as resources for supporting health and wellness.

 Science of Breathing Experience Session

Fun, educational sessions on breathing practices and techniques for awareness, stress reduction and relaxation.  Researched  Apps will be explored.

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